Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday's Quilt (barely)

So I'm a little behind in posting, but you're just going to have to deal with it, I've been busy.
The youngest of the babes (I won't call her the smallest, because her big sister only has her by 26 months and 4 pounds) is getting to the point where she isn't quite mobile but she's not quite immoblile either. The baby blankets she had been hanging out on are no longer cutting it. I realized that I didn't really have anything appropriate for her to have her tummy time on the floor so I got to work making something super quick and easy that would, just basically, get the job done. I can call it a quilt technically, because of the fact that it meets the definition but any quilt maker would surely cringe.
I cut 2 different fabrics into really big strips and sewed them together then sewed on a border to create the top. Then I quilted on the filler and backing. For the backing I used an old bed sheet I had collected in my travels. I used the excess from the top to fold over and act as the binding.
It may not be pretty but it does the job and that's the point isn't it?


  1. Emmy that's exactly why our foremothers made quilts. You have made a true utility quilt. nice job.