Monday, August 30, 2010

"You make it giveaway" - Take 2!

I've decided it's that time again! It's time to send me a picture of something you "make" over the next month and be entered to win a prize. It's going to work just like last time, but with a very mild theme. I will be giving a way this book I found (and want for myself). All you have to do is make something that you think your grandmother (or someone elses grandmother) knew how to do. Bake it, sew it, knit it, embroider it, can it, pickle it... you get the jist right? Send me a photo of what you made and a quick description (and a link to your blog if you like) and I will randomly draw a winner! That's it.
I will announce the winner on October 1st!
Get to work.
Post a comment about what you are making (or just hello) and you'll be entered to win another little giveaway.
Congratulations to Kerri for submitting a photo of a knitted baby blanket and to Shawna for leaving a comment!! Kerri your book is on the way and Shawna I have a skein of amazingly soft wool yarn for you!!

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