Thursday, September 16, 2010


My brother in law just got home from being away for a very long time (long enough that he's never met my youngest babe). His birthday was last week while he was still away so at last night's "welcome home" dinner we had a cake (with candles of course) and sang "Happy Birthday". I volunteered to make a cheesecake for the occasion. Let me explain the pressure that comes with this.... 1) the ingredients for a 10" cheesecake are super expensive (as far as cakes go) and I really didn't want to mess up and have to throw it out. 2) everyone in my family, as well as my bro-in-law REALLY like cheesecake. 3) My father-in-law (who thank goodness wasn't there) has absolutely perfected the art of cheesecake, as far as I'm concerned, and has brought one to just about every major holiday dinner for the last 2 years. I really think some of my family only come to my house for Thanksgiving and Christmas for his cheesecake. Therefore, they would totally call me out if mine was lacking in comparison.

I used the recipe from Marthas Baking Handbook. It calls for a chocolate wafer crust but I opted to just do a traditional graham cracker crust.
I forgot to take my camera to my sisters for the removal of the sides of the pan and the cutting of the cake but I'll just say wasn't pretty. However, the big cracks in the top did not stop everyone there from making the "mmmmm" noise when they took the first bite. It was awesome! Again I will say, Martha is Martha for a reason. She's got this thing down to a science. I have yet to make a recipe of hers and have it be any less than amazing. She annoys me, I would rather stab myself then watch her on TV. Even her books talk with an aire of  "I'm better than you" that just makes my skin crawl a little. That aside I will continue to buy her books (used- because that makes me feel better) and make her recipes and enjoy every bite!

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