Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yep, you guessed it... knitting (and a tart!)

I just left my dear friend Laura who pointed out that I have been a big ole slacker this week as far as blogging goes. To my defense, I have had no internet for the last 2 days because of the weather (satellite internet is indeed effected by the weather). I have been busy though.
We left on Friday to travel to see friends and I discovered my absolute favorite thing to do with my free time (not that mommy's really get much of that). Beach knitting!! We took the girls down to the beach to enjoy the unseasonably warm day. While the oldest babe and Daddy played in the water, the baby and I sat on my most recently made quilt and I knitted. Yep, it was warm enough to play in the water but not to warm to make yarn uncomfortable on my lap. I'm in love!! If we lived close to the water I think I would sneak away often just to sit and knit while listening to the waves crash and the kiddies giggle.
The 4 hour drive allowed for lots of passenger seat knitting too!! We were there to visit friends who are expecting a new baby girl in December and I had lots of grand ideas of things that I'd be able to get done while we were there. I was grossly optimistic! I did manage to finish one hat (that will not fit a new born so it came home with me) and put lots of time into a super soft baby blanket (that still isn't finished).

Now we are home and I have been.... knitting, hard to imagine right?!

I had to take a break for a while today to make dinner for the, above mentioned, dear friend Laura. It's yucky and rainy here today (which are secretly some of my favorite days) so I felt like soup and homemade bread were the way to go. I made 2 loaves of french bread (recipe here) and a HUGE pot of spicy sausage and potato soup.
This morning the girls and I ran to the farmers market to get milk and while we were there I picked up some apples and pears. With a plan for dinner, I set to work finding something to make for dessert. I settled on a Bavarian Apple Tart from my Better Homes and Garden Cookbook. This is exactly the same recipe.
While I wasn't sure how it was going to taste when I pulled it out of the oven, I got pretty excited when I took the edge off the spring form pan and it looked ok, but smelled AMAZING! Well my nose was spot on, Laura and I finished 1/2 of it all by ourselves. What, it was only an 8" pan?

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