Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well the "Better than a" Bake Sale was a success overall! We made it to the church parking lot Saturday morning (a little late, but there none the less) and peddled our goods. Kerri, my hero, made brownies, Peanut butter crunch cookies, Apple Butter and amazing Country White Bread.
We set up in the foyer at church this morning where everyone had to walk right past us with their tummies growling. Again... success!!
Over the course of 2 days we sold 14 loaves of bread, dozens (and dozens) of cookies and brownies, 10 bags of popcorn and 10 muffins (they didn't even make it to Sunday) and at the end of it all made over $100 to put toward the Childrens Fall Party. Yay!!

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  1. YAYYY!!!!! Everything was sooooo super yum! Call me in the morning. Chris was talking you and Kerri up in the leadership meeting tonight. :)