Friday, January 7, 2011

better late than never.

So as I told you last week, I didn't quite nail all my Christmas gifts. Some were never made and some were just a little off. I knit a hat for Poppy that turned out to be more suited for Brielle. So, this week I finally cast on a new one. I didn't work very diligently on it, just picked it up now and then when I had a minute. Well, it's finally finished. Tonight is our family pizza night so he will recieve his long overdue hat. But hey, at least it's still cold out and I'm only a couple weeks late.

I also decided yesterday that it's time for me to branch out from hats. I realized that was the only knit that I've ever completed. So, I will be casting on my very first sweater.... today. Hopefully. I am using the simple sweater pattern from this book. It says that it's a perfect "first sweater". I guess we'll see about that. Wish me luck.

For anyone whose joining us for Daniel Fast information, please click on the page tab in the top right corner of this page to go to a section devoted solely to the fast. Or scroll down to see posts regarding the fast. Thanks for stopping by!

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