Sunday, January 9, 2011

day one... here we go.

So I woke up this morning, like most others, with a rumbling tummy and wide awake littles. I told myself I would prepare some foods so that I could make a quick breakfast. That did not happen. Luckily, I had picked up the 2 cereals that are ok for the fast. I had a bowl of shredded wheat (wheat and bran version) and some Ezekial 1:9 with whole oats and some skim milk. (Now, before you burn me at the stake for having milk, I have a medical condition that is requiring that I keep dairy in my diet. I have soy milk for the hubby, but it was skim milk for me.) I cut up a banana and dug in. After the initial shock of "this really doesn't taste like anything" wore off, it was a filling breakfast and I was grateful to have food in my belly.

I promise not to fill this space with my daily eating regimen, but I thought in the spirit of the first day I'd share it with you.

This was lunch. I made my own mix of  organic spring mix, organic arugala, romaine harts and a little cilantro. Add my favorite topping and Newmans Own Oil and Vinegar dressing (I plan to make my own, but wanted something to get us started and this is the only fast approved dressing they sell) and Lunch is served.
We've made it half way through the day and I'm feeling like we may survive it. I'll keep you posted.

 For those of you who are also sharing this journey with me, I hope you are doing well on your first day and remembering that it's not about what we are going without but what we are gaining from the experience. It was huge for me to be reminded that  when I go to bed tonight thinking of the things I am being deprived, so much of the world goes to bed with empty bellys.
I hope you all find yourselves at the end of a great weekend and ready to jump into a brand new week.


  1. I personally would like to see what you're eating. It might inspire me to try something new!

  2. I have a good O&V recipe I use constantly if you need it.

  3. Yeah Mer, I'd love that! I am going to start experimenting this week.
    Michelle I promise to share if I come up with something exciting.