Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hoooty Hoot.

I could probably get away with just skipping the part about this being a gift for the smallest littles first birthday, which was was last week, but that wouldn't be very honest. I started this on Wednesday thinking I would be able to knock it out by Friday or at least Sunday (her party). I was mistaken.

 I found the pattern on Ravelry and made the mistake of starting it without having the right size hook. I ended up having to tear out the entire back after I  made the front with the correct size and they were grossly off in size. I also had to change the eye situation. I didn't have any safety eyes and wanted to be sure they wouldn't pop off in the littles mouth. The white, eye part was a little confusing on the pattern but I think I got the general idea. I settled on a crochet beak instead of using felt, again for safety. I skipped the wings because, well, I'm just over it with this thing. She had no complaints and gave us both a big slobbery kiss to say thanks.
I am quite pleased that I was able to read a pattern and complete something other than a wash cloth. Now it's far from perfect, or even pretty really. It doesn't look much like an owl to the average folk, but to me it's lovely. It's the first handmade toy I've made for my babes and that alone makes it special.
It's a beautiful day here and I plan on spending some time outside "hooking" while the littles play. I hope you find time to do the same.


  1. Oh, that turned out so good!!
    I like to do little toys like that in the round, so that i don't have to match fronts & backs :)

    If you ever need safety eyes, let me know -- i have a few pairs, but i can also show you where to order them

  2. Oh yay, I'm glad you "approve". It was my first one so I just looked for something with easy to read directions, but working in the round would def be easier.