Monday, February 21, 2011


I've been working my little hooking fingers at warp speed on my current project. There's a baby coming in July that needs, yes needs, a new blanket. I am really excited on the progress and wanted to give you a quick peek. I should be finished in the next couple of days and can't wait to show you the finished product.
I have let go of any notion that I am anything less than obsessed with crochet right now. I have spent an excessive amount of time strolling around Ravelry and have a huge "future projects" folder just waiting for me. I'm sure this will pass but for the time being, I am one happy hooker.
Happy Monday to you!


  1. Is this the sugar and cream cotton you're using? Think it might shrink? I'm crochet blanket obsessed too (thanks a lot ;) ) but I'm currently using the homespun.

  2. Some is Sugar and cream and some is the Lion Brand cotton. I don't think it should shrink much but we shall see.

  3. Yay! what vivid colors!!
    make sure not to wash with whites ;)