Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tah Dah!

Well, I managed to do it. I finished my very first baby blanket. I guess technically, I finished my very first any kind of blanket. I'm in love with it, even it's imperfections.
There's something about making a blanket that will keep your unborn baby warm that just heals the soul. Yep, for the very few of you that didn't know, I am pregnant again. We are expecting our thrid child in July. I was determined to make at least one item for new baby before we knew whether this baby is a boy or girl (we find out friday). Before blue or pink take over my world.
 I didn't know how to knit (or crochet properly) during my last pregnancies so this is the first time I've been able to make mama mades for a new babe. I knew it would be fun but I never really thought about the emotions it would stir in me while I worked on it. I found myself running my hands across the completed rows and dreaming of what the babe who would snuggle in it would be like. Would it be another precious girl wearing her sisters beloved hand me down sleepers? Or maybe our first boy, and all the newness that would come with that? Those questions I can't answer yet, but I can be sure that this new babe will be wrapped in love. The love of a mama who months before loved him or her stitch by stitch and row by row.

As I tied off the very last stitch of the border Everlee grabbed the blanket from my hands and laughed as she rolled around on the floor examining all the colors and rubbing her face on it. I couldn't help but think she was already dealing with her middle child issues and "marking" her territory.

Just in case you are interested, this is a very basic back and forth double crochet. I did 2 rows in each color with a very loose "pattern" to the color order. When I was happy with the size a did 2 rows of single crochet around the edges. Very simple but absolutley beautiful in the eyes of the mama who will wrap her newest babe in it's perfect imperfections.

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