Thursday, July 7, 2011

The end... and the beginning.

Friday marked a very significant end for me and my family and an even more significant beginning. Friday morning at 8:02 we met our very last, carried in my belly, babe.  I specify not because we have some grand plans that I haven't shared with you, but because you just never know. I hate to be too definitive, but on the "carried by me" part I can be. Right after our little man came into the world, perfect and healthy, the doctor "fixed me" and ended my days of being a pregnant mama. Before you worry that some part of me is sad and will miss the feeling of a baby growing inside of me, just know. I am not. At all. I love my littles and being pregnant was the necessary means by which they came to us, but I am not one of those mamas who says they love being pregnant and enjoy every minute. I don't.
While this is the end of an era in our family (yes an era, I have been pregnant or nursing for all but 6 months of the last 4+ years) it is a very exciting beginning too. The rest of our lives start now. I feel very sure that this will happen several times throughout the life of my children, but this feels like the first shift. Gone are the days of swollen ankles and too fat to play mama. Here are the days of falling in love with a brand new babe and his 10 perfect fingers, his tiny little nose and his unexplainable sweet smell. Coming are the days of total sleep deprivation, jealous older sisters when the newness wears off, loads of poopy diapers..... ahhh, bliss.
Don't fret, I will enjoy every moment with these beautiful littles, just the way they are today. I will try to take in every sweet  new baby smell and coo of my first son. I will soak up the not quite talking ramblings of my last baby girl. I will absolutely love getting to know my amazing first born as she lives in that small, precious window of pure innocence of a 3 year old.

Oh and I also managed to finish making this blanket. It seemed fitting that I finished this the day before he was born since I started in in the doctors office during my testing.

Here's hoping you find yourself falling in love with the people in your life just the way they are today. Because tomorrow they will have changed and today will be gone.


  1. Aww..He is absoulty beautiful!!! Yay for the blanket...I soo miss getting together to yarn again for today you really are an amazing friend!!! :)