Thursday, October 13, 2011

Toasted Chickpeas... yum.

I won't go into the whys right now, but we have been leaning toward eating less animal based foods in our house. Not because I think it's sad for them, but because it's not great for us. I've heard form folks before that toasting chickpeas is really yummy, however, I don't really care for beans. And chickpeas fell in that catagory for me. I have been trying lately to branch out a bit and make nice with beans. I know they are good for me and you really can't eat vegan-ish with out beans. Toasting chickpeas is a baby step. Along with adding black beans to burritos and tacos. Seriously, I really don't like beans. They taste like dirt and have a funky smell. (And do we really need to talk about how they make hubs smell?) But I'm trying.
I must say, these fall into the victory category for me.
So whether you are trying to eat differently or just want to try a yummy snack here's how to make them:
Drain and Rinse canned chickpeas. Pour onto cookie sheet and pat them dry.
Jiggle in olive oil (I used about a tablespoon for 2 cans). Add coarse sea salt to taste (you really could get creative here with seasonings).
Put in 400 degree oven and roast for 30-40 minutes. Yes 400 degrees. Mine really seemed to be burning a bit in the beginning, but they weren't.
That's all there is too it. Yum!

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