Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day Three - the unsung hero.

Several people have used this month of Thanksgiving as a time to highlight things they are thankful for. I got in a little late and started yesterday. Today however, I realized I wanted to say more than what would fit in the small box on facebook. I really wanted to take advantage of this time to focus on the good, even the great, in my life. So saddle up. You will be hearing from me this month. I may not make something to share everyday, but I will share what makes me thankful.
He learned how to make oragami flowers for our anniversay.
Today, I am so thankful for my husband! The father of my littles. The amazing man I get to share my life with. My partner in this crazy ride of parenthood. Hubs doesn't read my blog and he isn't on any of the social networks so I can speak with total freedom. I can tell you all his dirty secrets. I won't. But I could. (insert the best version of an evil laugh I can muster)
As moms and especially stay at home moms we get super wrapped up in our kids and our homes. Keeping our home is our job. We work hard, we don't get days off, we don't get paid in dollars, we don't get pats on the back from our co-workers and we don't get overtime when our job calls us from the other room at 3am. It's hard work. Really hard somedays. Hard enough to make me scour at my husband as he scurries into the bathroom to get a shower and dress for work.... all by himself! Don't panic, this is going to come around, I promise.
You know what I realized, sadly not very long ago? I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I wanted to be a homemaker. I wanted to be a wife. (I still do, most days) My husband is the only reason I can do those things. Because of him, I saw my girls first steps. I heard their first words. I looked at my 6 week old baby boy and knew that I didn't have to be ready to leave him with anyone else.I get to pick Everlee up from her nap when her face is so absolutely perfect and beautiful. I get to have dance parties at 10 am.
My husband is my enabler. He didn't get to see their first steps. He didn't hear their first words. He only gets a couple hours with these amazing children each night. Sometimes not even that much. So I try, before I complain about them, to remember he doesn't get to know them the way that I do. That's the truth of it. My husband gives me the greatest gift I could never have imagined. He allows me to truely KNOW my kids. I get to raise my babes. I GET to be a mom.
So mamas here's my challenge to myself and to you. Go put on a clean shirt. One with no spit up or juice stains. Maybe even pants with a zipper. Put on a little makeup (yes, tinted moisterizer is enough if that's all the time you have). Brush your hair.
When your husband gets home smile at him. A real smile. Go give him a hug and tell him you love him. For tonight, don't complain. Just tell him you had a great day because he works so hard so that you can be in charge of raising your littles.
We stay at home mamas work hard, but are so blessed.
Thank you husband!

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