Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 Today my oldest babe turned 4. I am surprised that I feel as if those years have both flown by and taken forever, all at the same time. I can't remember my life before becoming a mom. I certainly wouldn't want to go back. The day that she came into my life I became who I was put on this Earth to be. That I am sure of. She never made things easy. I had a really rough pregnancy with her. I was violently sick the first 4 months. I lost 13 pounds. She gave me 2 months off during my second trimester and then I spent the last 2 months covered in red, itchy hives that I thought for sure would be the end of me.  Yep, she's been making me crazy since before she was born. I labored for 28 hours with her only to have a c-section. She was a terrible sleeper and I couldn't put her down the first 4 months of her life. Literally. I am still convinced that her first year took a decade to creep by.

Let's take a moment and be honest mamas. There is a bond that we have with our first babe that is like no other. I love all my littles but for 26 months it was just her and I. She was the first to be laid on my chest in a hospital room. She was the first to call me mommy. The first to tell me she loved me in her own sweet, incredibly familiar voice. She taught me about a love I had never dreamed was possible. I have never felt heartbreak like the first time she cried from being disciplined. Right now, today, she is my only talking little. That means, most days she's the only person I talk to. She is in that stage where many days, I wish she would stop talking. She is learning to talk back and question me. She pushes me everyday.
How blessed am I to watch this amazing little girl turn 4, 14, 24? I will be thoughtful to slow down and drink all of today in, because it will never be her 4th birthday again.

Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet, rotten girl. Mama loves you!

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