Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New yarny love!

Yesterday I discovered this and had to try it IMMEDIATELY. Thankfully, Tuesday nights some lovely ladies and I get together in my house for a night of yarning. Knitting, hooking, embroidery, even some sewing but always, lots of talking and laughing and soul feeding. I never go to bed early enough. I'm always tired the next day and I wouldn't give one single night of it up for anything. I am better after each meeting. Last night was especially good for my soul. I was able to sit and chat with a life long friend after everyone else trickled home. As mamas it's so rare that we find ourselves without littles or husbands or duties to tend to. Very rare is the time that we have to just sit and rest and enjoy one another. We laughed and talked and I hooked.

Already filled with the blocks Poppy made for Christmas.

I am in love with how quickly this works up. I am in love with all things granny stripe right now. I am in love with baskets. So you can imagine, I am in love with this! It's super easy. I made this one exact to the pattern but have already started to play around with ways that I can change it and make them bigger or out of stiffer "yarn" material. Maybe rope? Maybe scrap fabric? Stay tuned there's loads more to come.
I hope for you a chance to sit and yarn and feed your soul.

Update: Because I have become obsessed with this I tried to make a bigger version. It worked up fine, but it's too "floppy" to stand up on it's own. Lucky for me, it fit right over a basket I had sitting next to the couch.
It woud look better on something without a pattern of it's own, but I love it anyway. The hubs is getting worried that he's going to come home and find the entire house covered in yarn! He might be right to worry.


  1. I wonder if you used rope, if you could "hook" it at all or just work it with your fingers. Get me? Hmmmmmmm I'm defintely doing these next week!! Holy cats it can be a Christmas present for the girls for next year. Now I've got to buy yarn!!

  2. I think you could use your fingers for sure. I am going to use my giant Q hook. I too wish I had found these before Christmas! And it's always good to have a reason to buy yarn!